Green Dreams

  • Type:
    Sativa Dominant
  • Flowering Period:
    8 – 9 weeks
  • Climate:
  • Yield:
  • Flavors:
    Woody, pine, sweet and citrus
  • THC Content:
    11% and 25%
  • Height:
  • Growing Difficulty:

Strain Information

With an undocumented origin, it is known to be a cross between “Blue Dream” and notorious Sativa “Green Crack.” Its bud is quite an appeal to indicant and Sativa lovers due to its composite aroma that intertwines with citrus and floral accents. The Green Dreams hybrid possesses a green tea-like taste with a fruity tinge, which is said to be one of the reasons why it was its name. Green Tea drinkers will surely satisfy their cravings for teas their type when using this strain.

Green Dreams gives off holistic simulation, which involves both mental and physical conditions and can be useful for enhanced brainstorming and creative ideas. However, this kind of thinking may cause excessive unproductive thoughts that could lead to paranoia. Attributable to its gradually decreasing effects, it was best to use it at an early morning medication or afternoon and in the early evening time. This strain is every cannabis veteran user’s dream for its whopping 25% maximization of THC level and is categorized as a highly potent strain. In contrast, it’s every novice’s nightmare. In conclusion, it is not good proposed cannabis for beginners.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Green Dreams?

The flavors of Green Dreams are woody, pine, sweet, and citrus. Its scent is earthy and analogous to wet soil. You may feel euphoric, uplifted, and energetic upon taking the strain. The mild relaxation that you may sense is not equivalent to a feeling of heavy sedation. It has a buzz that will energize you. It can make you feel inspired and creative as it nudges both of your mental and physical condition. As it touches the mental state of a user, it also stirs their imagination. Thus, creative thinking happens. This mental stimulation accompanies pleasant thoughts and an intense sense of euphoria, which can improve social behavior. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Green Dreams?

The strain has mood-elevating property, grave assistance to mild and moderate cases of stress and depression. It was also physiologically helpful to mild physical relaxation as it soothes aches and pains due to arthritis, lupus, or an injury. However, the strain is not advised for people who are prone to panic or low THC tolerance.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Green Dreams

You may suffer dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, and headache. If not used in a recommended time, there’s a chance that paranoia might occur. 

How to Grow Green Dreams?

Since its seeds are not available from online retailers, you may seek out a trusted grower and obtain clippings from Green Dreams to grow genetically identical “clones.” Its plants are short and bushy, so you have to practice “topping” occasionally to trim the light-blocking leaves that could prevent the flowering of low growing nodes. To produce and grow the Green Dreams healthily with good yields, accurate requirements, and procedures upon growing this plant are highly suggested.

Brand Information