Green Medicine


Strain Information

Brazillian Seed Company created various different strains that intensified their group’s good impression and reputation on being a home to the bestselling strains. One of their best creations were Green Medicine, a mostly sativa strain that was taken from its amazing parents. Early Green and White Rhino are the strains that served as its adorable parents.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Green Medicine?

This sativa-leaning strain had inherited most of the flavors of its parents featuring fuel, spicy, pungent tastes and aroma in each of its buds. Even if you had been through a lot of things in a day, Green Medicine strain will serve you with the most delightful effects and feelings of comfort within only a few seconds toking. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Green Medicine?

The name of this weed strain is proof enough of its therapeutic potentials in bringing treatment and medication to its many users. In dealing with muscle pain, sclerosis, and arthritis, adult users may just want to light one joint containing this bud and start to take so they can be healed. For mental cases like insomnia, anxiety, and depression, this weed also uplifts and causes the brain to relax.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Green Medicine

A little more of the weed’s high may also lead to some alarming cases of having dry eyes or mouth as well as dizziness and slight headache. This is manageable also if one hydrates himself all the time.

How to Grow Green Medicine? 

This weed is suitable for outdoor and indoor cultivation, with the yield being the same. It also needs to be given enough attention as it does not have resistance towards infestations. Green Medicine may be trained through the Sea of Green method.

Brand Information