Green Mojo OGGreen Mojo OG


Strain Information

Unnamed Gen group of marijuana breeders are the ones that created this new breed, which has balanced indica and sativa genes. This was called the Green Mojo OG strain, containing the genes of the parent strains Hells Angel OG, HP13, and Jack Herer strain, which is all very powerful varieties of marijuana.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Green Mojo OG?

Unnamed Gen’s original indica-leaning variety is a variety to rely on when one needs to have a taste of lime, earthy, and sweet flavors in a marijuana bud. It is not that powerful sedating bud, but it can surely bring you to a state of numbing happiness and relaxation. Serving people with the delicious satisfaction that cannot be achieved by just eating anything, smelling something, or just by sleeping all day. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Green Mojo OG?

This bud is not just simply a variety for recreational strain but also effective in bringing therapeutic uses to users. It is just as delightful when used for relieving pains like fatigue, muscle spasm, sclerosis, menstrual cramps, and also migraine. It is also effective in terms of bringing cure for mental issues like insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Green Mojo OG

The powers of this weed strains may just be too much for users to handle, especially to the newbies. If a lot of this bud exists in one’s system, it is likely for them to develop a slight migraine, dry eyes or mouth, and also paranoia.

How to Grow Green Mojo OG? 

This weed gives high yield if grown either indoors or outdoors as long as growers provide them with the proper care and attention, too. Monitoring is most especially needed in terms of looking after the pests and molds that may develop in the buds.

Brand Information