Strain Information

The Green-O-Matic is hybrid cannabis with autoflowering characteristics provided by ruderalis variety. This indica dominant hybrid from the GreenHouse seed bank created this strain by combining four strains of cannabis, namely, Ruderalis, Morocco, White Dwarf, and a Low Rider. The offspring has an appearance of lengthy buds with nugs in a light green tint. The hairs are in colored light orange with trichomes in the amber hint. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Green-O-Matic?

The smell of the strain has a minimal spice with a little hint of sweetness. This is also accompanied by a fruity tone with a subtle indication of sourness and bitterness. The taste may also manifest similar indications to the scent which radiate sweetness and spiciness at a minimal level. Sourness and earthy tones may also be apparent. The effects that cannabis provides can be a bit of appetite stimulant and generates a burst of energy. It may also manifest minimal head high, which can generate a subtle feeling of being spacey and loss of focus. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Green-O-Matic?

Cannabis has a strong therapeutic capacity to relieve pain, stress, and any type of cramps. It can be a great way to reduce anxiety attacks as well.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Green-O-Matic

The typical adverse reaction to expect from this strain is parched mouth with subtle itchiness of the eyes. 

How to Grow Green-O-Matic?

This type of cannabis strain is cultivated solely for outdoor growing areas and those skilled guerilla growers. People who are also seeking a plant with a rapid period of flowering time can be the strain for you. The cannabis is very simple and easy to manage and perfect for guerilla cultivation as it can maintain to be unseen. It does not require as well to change the lighting schedule of the plant, which minimizes the hassle. 

Brand Information