Green Poison F1 Fast Version

Green Poison F1 Fast Version


Strain Information

Green Poison F1 Fast Version is a marijuana strain with indica dominant variety. This hybrid strain is a product of the seed bank, Sweet Seeds. They have created several versions of their very own Green Poison, and this time they have experimented on improving the flowering period of the strain by making faster than ever. To make this possible, they combined the genetics of the Green Poison with the third generation autoflowering plant, the Green Poison Auto. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Green Poison F1 Fast Version?

The cannabis strain has a minimal hint of spice and has a very sweet taste. It also composed of very relaxing citrus notes on its smell and the floral note on its taste and scent. Being an indica dominant, it has main effects on the body, which induces couch-locking impression and calming effects. It may send you to a very relaxing sensation that may trigger hunger pangs. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Green Poison F1 Fast Version?

Given that the weed can induce hunger, it can be a great help among people with appetite problems or with eating disorders. It may help deal with pain and other types of body discomforts as well. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Green Poison F1 Fast Version

When using the weed, the smoke may trigger and cause dehydration, which leads to mouth drying. 

How to Grow Green Poison F1 Fast Version?

The overall structure of the strain has a mixture of sativa and indica with the fastest flowering period. The strain can be a good outdoor growing plant as it can resist to development of molds, attracting pests, and can sustain its life under cold climate. Good thing, this promising cannabis can be cultivated by novice cultivators due to its easy growing capacity. 

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