Green Punch

Green Punch


Strain Information

Green Punch or popularly known as the Green Crack Punch cannabis with indica dominant composition. The Royal Queen seed bank is proud to announce their own creation that was a successful crossbreeding of Green Crack female strain and the Purple Punch male strain. Both of its parents have their own unique characteristics in terms of effects given they are indica and sativa varieties, respectively. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Green Punch?

The terpenoids of the weed offer a great deal of grape-like scent and have touches of blueberries. It may also include citrus tones, which added the refreshing power to the plant when smoked. The combination of euphoric and buzzy body feelings are such a delightful experience to encounter when using the weed. It may also generate relaxing and energetic vibes both at the same time. Despite having a lesser psychoactive capacity, it may still not be suitable for new consumers to experiment. It may be possible that the amount is controlled and minimal. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Green Punch?

It has a very large and high ranging medical benefits and which can help in relieving muscle cramps, uncomfortable pressure on the eyes and fatigue. It is also used to treat people suffering from any type of body pain and aches. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Green Punch

Most commonly, mouth drying and redness of the eyes are the usual unfortunate reactions in regards to using the strain. 

How to Grow Green Punch?

The best way to utilize to maximize the full potential of the plant is through using the guerrilla cultivation process. It is very easy to handle, and novice cultivators should relax. When indoor, the strain is where most suitable to grow and develop due to other outside factors that may hinder or intervene in the development of the plant. Nevertheless, outdoor cultivation is also a good location for the plant under favorable conditions like warm climate.

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