Strain Information

The green gold is a balanced hybrid of varieties from India and Sativa. This type of marijuana is a product of Real Gorilla Seeds and was made through combining Afghan strain, Skunk strain, and the multi-awarded Gorilla Glue #2 strain. The physical features of this strain have apparent huge buds and generate a massive harvest despite the short flowering period it possesses. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of GreenGold?

This cannabis plant has a sweet combination of fuel and citrus taste. It may also indicate piney freshness with a subtle earthy tone smell. The mind uplifting effects of the strain is very strong and can still radiate relaxation. The buzzy feeling it can illuminate the body may be accompanied by narcotic high as well. 

What are the Medical Benefits of GreenGold?

Many have reported having felt relief from pain and stress when using this strain. It also has a high potential for fatigue and muscle cramps reduction. Some people also use this for the treatment of depression, which has shown a significant impact on their overall health and mind. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from GreenGold

Expect to experience dryness of the mouth and minimal manifestation of bloodshot eyes when using the weed. If further ingested at a very high amount, especially to those who are not used to THC’s effects, they might experience anxiety and paranoid behavior. 

How to Grow GreenGold?

This type of marijuana is specifically cultivated for outdoor cultivation and has high susceptibility to molds. It can perform well outdoors and deliver a high quality of production in a high amount. 

Brand Information