Strain Information

The Grenadino is a strain of cannabis that is reported to have an ambiguous background and no definite information regarding it. The origin of the strain seems not disclosed; hence, it remains unknown up to this point. However, it has been rumored to have an Indica and Sativa composition. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Grenadino?

Despite having limited access to information of this weed, it was rumored that the cannabis has apparent sweet and earthy flavors. Being an Indica and Sativa hybrid, it has the classic effects of both. The stimulating high of strain can be felt along with the relaxing state of the strain. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Grenadino?

Although there no known medical benefits reported from this strain, it is easy to say that being a hybrid, it has the potential of relieving pain and temporarily reduce stress. Some health conditions that Sativa and Indica can help arr still under investigation and no further information can support it. These are only limited, given that the strain has an ambiguous background. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Grenadino

Usually, most cannabis can generate dehydration, which leads the users’ mouths and eyes to experience dryness. Hence, people are encouraged to set aside a glass of water before and after using it to provide moisture in the areas mentioned. 

How to Grow Grenadino?

Good news for the growers of this weed, especially among those people who have beginner skills;  the plant can be cultivated successfully by amateur growers, both indoor and outdoor growing settings. It can generate a favorable amount of harvest within a regular flowering duration. 

Brand Information