Grüne Brille

Grüne Brille


Strain Information

Produced by famous breeder Canabella Seed Club, it is a hybrid strain raised from SuperLemonHaze and BellaOrtega F5 (F1). This weed is a very potent Indica that creates a joyous relaxing feeling. 

Coming in shining white plants the extra resinous buds release a sweet cannabis scent. It gives a good smoke when watching movies or when one is just lazing around.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Grune Brille

This full Indica induces a lively, overjoyed mood. Dried buds exude an aromatic blend of orange, lemon, and skunk. A considerable dose can give a very strong body high and can stimulate the appetite.

What are the Medical Benefits of  Grune Brille?

This cannabis aids mental relaxation decreases nausea and relieves chronic pain. Muscle stiffness can also be relieved by this weed.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Grune Brille

This cannabis strain also has adverse effects. It causes dry mouth and dry eyes. It can also cause dizziness and anxiety. Some users report increased heart rate and hypotension.

How to Grow Grune Brille:   Some information and Tips

It is best preferred to raise Grune Brille in a greenhouse than indoors. Consider how to control sunlight received by your cannabis plants. You can save on power by growing them indoors. Climate and exposure to the sun can be controlled in a greenhouse. The temperature should also be monitored. Install supplemental lights if needed. Remember that marijuana starts to flower when they start to receive enough sunlight. Together with the proper fertilizer and the right medium to grow your weeds on, you can expect a quality and abundant yield.

Brand Information