Grüne Hessin

Grüne Hessin


Strain Information

Grune Hessin is a sturdy squat plant resembling a Christmas tree with side branches of average length. It is an Indica/Sativa variety that is best grown indoors. The weed has a strong and lasting effect.
This body-calming cannabis has a unique sour fruity flavor. It induces sleepiness and increases appetite.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Grune Hessin?

This weed is sweet and fruity with a little bit of sourness and lemon aromas. It has a revitalizing effect on the body, which is excellent for relaxation and increasing appetite. It can provoke thoughts and exhilarates the mood.

What are the Medical Benefits of Grune Hessin?

Grune Hessin is medically beneficial. It can bring mental relaxation and treat anxiety. It reduces nausea. It is a good analgesic for chronic pain. It can remedy the loss of appetite.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Grune Hessin

This cannabis strain has several adverse effects. It will give you trouble in achieving concentration. You will have temporary difficulty in speaking while under the use of this narcotic.

How to Grow Grune Hessin: Some information and Tips:

This plant is a good choice for growing. It needs much room upward. It is best grown indoors. It can be planted close together and needs little care. Use nets and bamboo sticks as support during its flowering period. It has a strong tolerance for molds and fungal diseases. Provide 24 hours light during its growing period. It is best recommended to prune the main stem. Just use fertilizer moderately because it is tolerant to over and under fertilization. It is also tolerant of temperature fluctuation.

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