Strain Information

Gryphon raised by Motarebel came from G13 Hash Plant and Lemon Thai. The mother plant handed over its huge structure and potent stone. The Lemon Thai father lends its genes as an all-powerful stone and some amount of potency.

Its delicious fruity lemon flavor lingers in the mouth. It is a very strong and proportioned stone. This weed is easy to grow and clone. It is best for night time use.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Gryphon?

Gryphon has a lemony flavor with traces of diesel scents. It has an invigorating and potent Sativa stone.

What are the Medical Benefits of Gryphon?

This cannabis strain has several medical benefits. It initiates mental relaxation. It can relax stiff muscles. It lessens pains and headaches. It is also a good cure for loss of appetite. This weed can also control nausea.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Gryphon:

Some negative effects of Gryphon are sleepiness and anxiety. It can also cause forgetfulness. Some users report sleepiness in the morning. It can also cause poor judgment.

How to Grow Gryphon  Some information and Tips:

This cannabis plant can be grown both outdoors and indoors. Here are some tips in growing them indoors. If you have a small indoor growing space, plan and control the size of your weeds. Follow the right requirements in growing them. Put them under the LED light. Pack as many weeds as you can in your growing space. For best results, let the grow room temperature drop 10 to 15 degrees every night during the flowering stage. Give them protection from molds and see to it that you control humidity and ventilation.

Brand Information