Strain Information

Guava is a Sativa- dominant hybrid from the Cookies Fam with a THC of 21%. The buds are described as dark light green and reeks of tropical fruits. The Guava strain is considered a rocket fuel for an immersed mindset throughout the day. The name of this strain came from the way it smells and tastes, which is equivalent to Guava.

The strain gives off cerebral ecstasy and cozy body warmness. It also energizes the user’s mind, boosts their creativity, and uplifts mood through spontaneous fits of a laugh. These effects relax the body and relieve stress after warm and tingling sensation spreads throughout the body. Guava strain earned its numerous fans as it assists them in their chronic pain and insomnia issues, and they were able to sleep afterward as the high wears down.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Guava?

Guava has a unique blend of fruity and tropical flavors. Its scent is relative to its taste, which soothes the mind of the user. In the midst of mental relaxation, the creativity and mood seem to be in an elevated condition since it later on results in spontaneous fits of belly laugh and activities that are marked as mundane at first. These eliminate stress and uplifts the frame of mind of whoever uses it. However, there are rare circumstances that users might feel a little bit of arousal.

What are the Medical Benefits of Guava?

The medical benefits of Guava Strain are undoubtedly noticeable. The effects that a user can feel is proven to improve neuropathic pain, which is an outcome of abnormal sensation from stimuli. Loss of appetite is also recorded to be one of its benefits. The feeling of euphoria relieves stress, depression, and anxiety. There were also notable medical benefits from users, such as it can treat Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis, which is a disease that disables the spinal cord. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Guava

Despite its countless benefits, as discussed before, its adverse effects are still around. Like any other substance, you will feel the dryness of your mouth and eyes, which can easily manage through observing proper hydration. Constant recreational use, without the advice from health practitioners, frequent headaches, insomnia, and anxiety, may seep in. Either way, the most advised means of using the strain is through medical means.

How to Grow Guava?

To grow a Guava Strain, you would have to extremely familiarize yourself with the proper do’s and don’ts to ensure healthy cultivation. Follow appropriate necessities consequently and necessary procedures to grow the Guava strain healthily with good yields. Both indoors and outdoors farming is acceptable, but a controlled temperature condition is for a recommendation as it would stabilize the growth and guarantee its life. It is to yield higher indoor since humidity from the outside may affect its sensitive buds. Like any other strains, the cultivation of this plant requires extra attention and constant “topping.”

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