Guerilla Gold #3

Guerilla Gold #3

  • Type:
  • Flowering Period:
    7 – 10 weeks
  • Climate:
    Lots of sunlight
  • Yield:
    1.63 oz per square feet
  • Flavors:
    Sweet, sour, and hash
  • THC Content:
    15% - 23%
  • Height:
    3 – 4 feet
  • Growing Difficulty:

Strain Information

Guerilla Gold #3 is cannabis from the Smoke-A-Lot breeders and was created by breeding Mighty Mite x Afghan to F7 and then Early Gold. This has magnificent resins and bag, and its aroma is so sweet but has a twist note of sourness. You will like growing this strain as it blooms early. This is perfect to use at night.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Guerilla Gold #3?

 The powerful sweet and sour with hash hints of this strain gives on its flavor. It will break your negative sentiments and infuses hallucinogenic forces that tie you in the bed. You are tempted by this marijuana to take more of this as it brings buzzes all over the body.

 What are the Medical Benefits of Guerilla Gold #3?

 An amazing euphoric high will relieve stress and depression done by this marijuana strain. It will end your bodily torments, soothing your chronic pain, and muscle cramps. This will also end your insomnia and nausea as it makes you sleepy and huger.

 Negative Effects You Can Expect from Guerilla Gold #3

 Do not alter the prescribed dosage given by you if you are taking this as a medication, for it can cause you to feel anxious or paranoid. Stay within your levels to only encounter dry eyes and dry eyes with small hints of dizziness and headache.

How to Grow Guerilla Gold #3? 

 In a place where there are lots of sunlight, the Guerrilla Gold #3 must be developed. You can use soil or coco as the growing medium. Henceforth, you can also use the hydroponic method. Keep this safe from cold temperatures as the molds my form and harm the strain.


Brand Information