Gum Lock

Gum Lock


Strain Information

The Gum Lock strain is made by crossing Bubblegum and Rocklock by the Dane Strains. You will be hit with its solid fragrance by this cannabis strain. Dense nugs will form within the stems along with the amber hairs together with plenty of trichomes. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Gum Lock?

Earthy with hints of spicy is the Gum Lock’s specialty in flavor. An irresistible feeling would rush over your mind that keeps you motivated and inspired. The body buzzes will serenade the limbs with a narcotic property that’s responsible for drawing you to drowsiness.

What are the medical benefits of Gum Lock?

Insomnia is the case where the Gum Lock will save you in. It does not touch you in that as this also alleviates body pains like cramps and muscle fits. Additionally, you will be filled with bliss and focused central that saves you from depression and anxiety. The balanced focus will work in sweeping away attention deficit disorder (ADD). 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Gum Lock

Anxiety joined with headache is the maximized negative effects you can experience in the Gum Lock. It will additionally lock you with dry eyes and dry mouth when you take this even in a low dosage. The high kicks you with headache and dizziness as well. 

How to Grow Gum Lock? 

You need to invest or use some carbon filter as the Gum Lock cannabis strain infuses a strong skunk smell during the growing stage. In a place with lots of sunlight within your vicinity, this must be developed to keep its track.

Brand Information