Gunga Galunga

Gunga Galunga


Strain Information

Gunga Galunga marijuana strain is reared by the Lost River Seed through crossing Chem Breath and Venkman OG #1. A high creeping effect will touch all over your psyche and mind. The nugs are so hard and dense together with bountiful trichomes. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Gunga Galunga?

Diesel tone with its funk hints that is somewhat sour is the flavor profile this bud gives in. A teaming up buzz will be sent in mind and then in the body. The mind will fall over in tranquility that also brushes in new ideas. Additionally, the body will sways with the soft couch as this keeps you drowsy.

What are the Medical Benefits of Gunga Galunga?

Things that are driving you insane and your pre-occupied mind will be given smooth effects by the Gunga Galunga on its mind alleviation properties. Consequently, it will take away your bipolar disorders and depression. It helps you focus on achieving things as this sends soothing medicines in muscle cramps and body fatigues.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Gunga Galunga

The Gunga Galunga strain will drop out your liquids as the cannabinoids will infiltrate that makes your mouth and eyes dehydrated. Along with that, this makes you anxious and paranoid when the portion being taken is too high.

How to Grow Gunga Galunga? 

Developing the Gunga Galunga strain can be indoors or outdoors. Using the hydroponic growing method with the right humidity level, this can perform well—additionally, this response well under the radiance of the sun with the warm and dry climate.

Brand Information