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Strain Information

Sunset Sherbet and Cookie Crisp and Jungle Kush strain coming together paved the smooth way to a wonderful result as this marijuana variety. Hadouken variety, a Japanese-like named strain, was a creation of the cannabis breeder group Trichome Jungle Seeds that possesses mostly indica genes.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Hadouken?

Mixing the flavors of sweet vanilla and some tones of cookie tastes will greet hello anyone who takes the time and chance to smoke this bud. As an indica-rich strain, smokers may expect many great things from this weed, from a euphoric and energetic day at the office, until you end up dozing off for sleep at night. Everything is going to be fine, and that is what this weed variety promises to all its beloved users.

What are the Medical Benefits of Hadouken?

Hadouken strain will hit hard on any pain or suffering you are feeling right now. Patients and some smokers have already proven this to be true, having used the cannabis variety as an alternative to pain-relievers and mood stimulants. Specifically, Hadouken strain is to be used for taking away muscle pain, spasm, inflammation, fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia, stomachache, and also anorexia or the lack of appetite.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Hadouken

It is really helpful to know everything about the strain smokers use so they would know if they are already having enough. Otherwise, they will be shocked to realize that they are actually suffering from its side effects like dizziness or headache.

How to Grow Hadouken? 

Where there is a good hydroponics setup for cultivation, Hadouken will live there longer. It is also necessary that they are provided with some attention and care because they are not strong at resisting pests.

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