Hair of the Dawg


Strain Information

SoCal Seed Collective group presents this new breed of Sativa-rich genetics, which was the beloved child taken from the cross between AToA and Dirty Dawg strains. Such a victorious union gave life to Hair of the Dawg variety, which name was very easy to remember for most cannabis smokers around the globe.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Hair of the Dawg?

The flavors of pine, floral, and citrus taste that this marijuana variety offers will just behalf of the wonderful facts that you need to know about it. A Sativa-leaning variety such as this one is not that good at bringing psychoactive high, but it surely is a champion when it comes to physical highs. Its CBD content works perfectly on giving smokers a way of being free from negativities around and causing a couch-locking effect towards the whole body.

What are the Medical Benefits of Hair of the Dawg?

Some common and mild cases are resolved through this weed’s help, which it is also known for. Therapeutically, this marijuana strain can be utilized to relieve smokers from chronic pain, migraine, glaucoma, muscle spasm, sclerosis as well as nausea. Mood-related ones like stress and insomnia are also treated.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Hair of the Dawg

Hair of the Dawg had been very famous for its effects. However, another important that they need to know is that it can also cause fatigue and slight dizziness.

How to Grow Hair of the Dawg? 

Every newbie growers should have this weed as their first grow. It is simple, easy, and rewarding during harvest time when you see your abundant yield of resinous buds.

Brand Information