Halitosis Breath

Halitosis Breath


Strain Information

ThugPug Genetics cannabis breeder group has this bad-sounding strain named for its pungent smell that does not really affect its appeal to the smokers. Halitosis Breath is reminiscent of its parents Hippy Slayer and Mendo Breath F2 of Studly Spewright strains, giving away its various traits. Also, this cannabis variety is made with equal India and Sativa genes.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Halitosis Breath?

The blend of pine, earthy, and diesel flavors pack this weed with intense sedation and a sensation that is so delightful. No one shall easily get away with this kind of attractive and wonderful high, which introduces the next level of sedation. Halitosis Breath makes a sweet, instead of the bad breath to which it is associated with due to its name.

What are the Medical Benefits of Halitosis Breath?

Halitosis Breath shall not be a harmful weed for smokers who use it properly. Instead, it is also medicinal, just like its fellow marijuana strains, which are used for treating body pains like inflammation, back pain, muscle spasm, and fatigue. Mood problems like insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress, and PTSD may also be alleviated.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Halitosis Breath

In case smokers tend to abuse the drug or have a little more than what is supposed to be used, there is a chance that they will develop paranoia and also dry mouth.

How to Grow Halitosis Breath? 

This weed variety is not available in feminized seeds, which means that growers have to use regular seeds or clones. As such, it may need someone who is skilled, patient, and hardworking to do everything for its healthy growth.

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