Hang 10

Hang 10


Strain Information

The Bank Genetics group of cannabis breeders took another step on developing a brand new recipe for one more Sativa-rich strain to add on their list bestselling cannabis strains. This was called the Hang 10 variety, a familiar name in the market, containing the mixed genetics of two well-matched varieties. Such strains that passed down those desirable DNAs and traits to this weed are the Maui Wowie and S.A.G.E. strain.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Hang 10?

Taste buds of connoisseurs and newbie smokers shall be 100% satisfied with the flavors of earthy, pungent, woody, and citrusy blending nicely together. Although it sounds like a different product, not for the brain and body’s sedation, Hang 10 variety is one that they must watch out for. Feels like hanging in the air for some time, bringing you to a refreshing taste of heavenly sensations. Newbies will certainly have a nice first-time experience with this weed.

What are the Medical Benefits of Hang 10?

Have a try of a new way of being treated with all the illnesses you usually suffer from after a busy day. This weed variety will develop something medicinal in you to get rid of muscle pain, spasm, insomnia, depression, sclerosis, menstrual cramps in women, fatigue, stress, anxiety, nausea, and also bipolar disorders.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Hang 10

When you have had too much satisfaction from smoking this weed variety, there is quite a tendency to abuse the drug and experience its adverse effects like dry eyes or mouth.

How to Grow Hang 10? 

Hydroponics is a suitable form of cultivation for this kind of weed. It must be given a proper cycle of light and darkness as this is a photoperiod type of seed. SOG method may be applied to these crops, too.

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