Strain Information

The Harlox is an overpowering strain that is infamous for its medicinal characteristics. It is produced through the crossbred of Harlequin and The OX. This strain gives off a fruity scent with earthy hints of aroma. It carries a beautiful but short structure oozing with resins. It is covered with white and orange hair and strong pointed branches.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Harlox?

The Harlox has mixed flavors. As you smoke this strain, you can taste berry and cherry flavors with sweet, hash, and coffee undertones. Its effect is euphoric to the feeling and turns to be relaxing and calm after a couple of smokes.

What are the Medical Effects of Harlox?

This strain is one powerful therapeutic plant. It is proven to treat people suffering from muscle spasms, inflammation, anxiety, depression, and other body pains.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Harlox?

On the other hand, it dries up your mouth and eyes, which causes blurry vision and slight redness in your eyes. You can also expect dizziness, hunger, and paranoia to some low level. 

How to Grow the Harlox?

You can cultivate this strain either indoors and outdoors. There is no specific growing process to this plant, but you can apply any growing mediums for a high possibility of producing good yields. It is better to place it indoors since cannabis is known to thrive in cool areas and away from noises and other stress. Make sure to secure a spacious area at home and improvise indoor lighting. You can create a daily routine for plant-like tracking when it absorbs water and light. However, make sure that you follow the time to make sure that it does not decrease its life cycle and to avoid leaves from falling.

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