Hash Heaven

Hash Heaven


Strain Information

The Hash Heaven is known to be exceptional as it produces water hash that comes out with an orange color and easily evaporates. It is developed through the crossbred of G13 Hash Plant x G13 Haze and Lavender. This strain produces good yields of compact buds. Its buds have white amber hairs and fat resins surrounding its entire area. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of the Hash Heaven?

This strain brings a pungent aroma and flavor that gets sharper as you smoke it. It has a very strong high that would immediately make you feel stupefy and euphoric. It brings so much energy in your body and heaviness.

What are the Medical Effects of the Hash Heaven?

This strain is used to alleviate muscle pain, stress, depression, inflammation, lack of appetite, and other Crohn’s diseases. Some medical experts also used this to prevent patients from vomiting and to be nauseous.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from the Hash Heaven?

The negative effects can cause your mouth and eyes dry. Because of that, you can expect blurry vision and sometimes immovable lips or mouth. It makes you paranoid as well and confused while feeling very nervous. It increases your heart rate and makes you crave for food.

How to Grow the Hash Heaven?

The growing difficulty of this strain is average. That means, it is achievable for any cannabis growers to cultivate this plant. You can plant it anywhere but make sure that the area is good for the plant. It is recommended that you place it in a well-balanced temperature. This strain is suitable for cropping and pruning since it grows tall, so you can use this kind of growing technique. It also has the ability to produce more branches and buds. Make sure to put stakes beside the plant for support.

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