Hash Passion

Hash Passion


Strain Information

The Hash Passion is one true pure Indica variety. It gives off large chunks of resinous and high-quality buds. This strain is developed and comes from the Morocco family of strains. It is known to have an amazing scent and has an intense character in terms of its effects. It also contributes a lot to medical fields.

What are the Flavor and Effects of the Hash Passion?

The flavor of this strain is a true Moroccan Hash. It is one of the best and tastiest hashes ever produced. It has an intense and long-lasting effect of sedation that will take you to a quick euphoric state. You will feel a sleepy mood yet giggly.

What are the Medical Effects of the Hash Passion?

It is proven that this strain is used to alleviate insomnia due to its THC level. It also performs well as an analgesic to body conditions such as chronic pains, migraine, and some Crohn’s diseases.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from the Hash Passion?

The negative effects, on the other hand, will make you feel paranoid. It changes your mood from being high to low, and it also makes you feel confused at times. This strain will dry your mouth and make you feel hungry. It also shortens your memory when consumed daily.

How to Grow the Hash Passion?

The Hash Passion has a high yield level. It is naturally a strong and fruitful cannabis plant. However, it should be properly grown or handled to make sure it reaches its expected yield. You need to be vigilant in feeding and applying growing techniques on this plant. Because it has the tendency to acquire stress. Make sure to also prepare an isolated space for the cannabis plant to keep it away from pests and nuisance. It is recommended that you create a well-balanced temperature or at least find a spot for the plant.

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