Hawaiian x Skunk 1

Hawaiian x Skunk 1


Strain Information

Positronics has made the project of producing this weed variety. It was the combination made from the Maui variety that came from the Hawaiian Sativa and the known Skunk 1 variety. The result is marijuana with dense crystals with light green buds. Many smokers chose this variety for its smell that can be a balance of musky and fruity and dominating sativa effects. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Hawaiian x Skunk 1?

Flavors are sweet, earthy, skunk, fruity, or musky taste. It has the effects that make you euphoric, relaxed, happy, uplifted, and creative. The uplifting effect is mostly experienced by smokers together with one or two more effects making it a good choice for recreational use. It ends giving you a good sleep.

What are the Medical Benefits of Hawaiian x Skunk 1?

This has been used by many patients due to its potent effect that helps them to deal with insomnia given the sedating effect of this marijuana. It also helps in muscle relaxation, alleviating the feeling of nausea, inducing a good appetite, and many more.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Hawaiian x Skunk 1

You can experience having drowsiness and dizziness for this marijuana due to its sedating effect. Prepare a good space for that relaxing rest. Other negative effects can be having a dry mouth, dry eyes, and headaches. 

How to Grow Hawaiian x Skunk 1? 

You will have a good time raising this marijuana. You can raise it in a cold climate or raise it indoor to prosvide a cold temperature. It does not demand much of anything but appreciates the feeding in the proper time and enough water supplies.

Brand Information