Haze #1

Haze #1


Strain Information

This is from the breeder Spliff Seeds. They had made the combination of Afghani #1, O. Haze and Skunk #1 weed varieties. It resulted in a high THC and CBD plant that gives the buzz users are looking for. This will be covered by trichomes giving the slight yellow appearance of its buds. It will not be bushy, so light can easily go through all the plants. It is a thin plant producing slim branches with dark green leaves. Though the buds are not dense, but will have good produce of tall buds. The smell is woodsy and spicy. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Haze #1?

Flavors are sweet, sour, floral, and haze taste. This gives a high psychoactive effect that is not much recommended to first-time users. This is high that many recreational and medicinal users are looking for in this marijuana.

What are the Medical Benefits of Haze #1?

It is known to help with epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, MS, and other seizure-related illnesses. It has been widely used as a pain reliever, including headaches and fatigue. It also helps to deal with the stress of the day and for combating depression. 

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Haze #1

You can have negative effects when consuming marijuana, and they can be mild or severe. You can have cottonmouth, dry or red eyes, headache, or dizzy. Sometimes anxiety is the problem of other smokers.

How to Grow Haze #1? 

This is raised with moderate difficulty, but you can do it easily with some experience. In one square meter, only six plants are recommended as they need space to grow. Lighting is ideal to be on a 12/12 schedule. You can limit the height by limiting the pre-grow stage.

Brand Information