Haze x Kali China


Strain Information

ACE Seeds has been able to produce sativa dominant marijuana that is available only in the feminized version. You will smell the dominant aroma of wood, hash, and incense aroma with some influence of red wine or tropical fruits. The breeder made the variety by combining the Oldtimer’s Haze with Kali China.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Haze x Kali China?

Earthy, woody, spicy, sweet, and citrus are the flavors you can taste. It gives you a good high that is energizing making you active though there is a chance you can feel drowsy. Overall, it is an active-high that makes you more positive, creative, and euphoric.

What are the Medical Benefits of Haze x Kali China?

 If you are looking for a good pain reliever, smoke this marijuana variety and you can feel those pain disappearing. It allows you to feel muscle relaxation and to get help for fatigue and tiredness. It can lower your stress so you can enjoy a good medication time.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Haze x Kali China

Smoking this weed can let you have dry mouth, dry eyes, or paranoia as the most common side effects. Others can be increased in heart rate, anxiety, sleepy, headache, and dizzy. It can depend on how high is the dosage you smoked.

How to Grow Haze x Kali China? 

This marijuana has some resistance to pests and molds that makes it good for beginners to grow. You prepare the materials you will need and the marijuana food you need to feed it. When you take care of it, you can have a good quality harvest.

Brand Information