Hazeified (Aka: Space Haze)


Strain Information

Riot Seeds has produced this weed combination aiming to have a Haze marijuana variety that caters to customers’ needs, especially for medical use. It is more beneficial for growers that plan to sell their harvest as it has shorter flowering time compared to the longer flowering versions. The Haze high is in demand and this marijuana variety will fulfill it having met the goal of the breeder. You will see marijuana that has tighter buds than the others in its line. It came from the combination of Amnesia Haze with the Mr. Nice Critical Haze.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Hazeified?

Flavors can be citrus, spicy, sour, sweet, fruity, or earthy taste. You will have the high of a Haze that is energizing and not sedating. It also gives a euphoric effect to relax your mind with the body for a time of recreation.

What are the Medical Benefits of Hazeified?

This marijuana is the answer when you want to address depression and anxiety. You will feel those negativities fly by. It is also effective as a pain reliever for some types of pain including migraine, fatigue and it also relaxes the muscle. 

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Hazeified

You can easily experience some negative effects like dry mouth, dizzy, or dry eyes as the top three most common negative effects for most haze genetics. Other negative effects include sleepiness, headache, or paranoia. 

How to Grow Hazeified? 

You can enjoy sometimes when you grow this marijuana as it will not tire you out. You can have some other plants with different varieties to grow when you are confident in growing marijuana. You know that you should provide its basic needs so it does not show some deficiencies.

Brand Information