Hazelnut Cream


Strain Information

These marijuana plants present compact nuggets that are coated by thick layers of trichomes having shades of orange and lime green. Exotic Genetix is the breeder of this marijuana coming from the Miami Haze and Cookies & Cream weed varieties. The aroma would be a mixture that can depend on the user. It can be a taste of earthy, spicy, and sugary.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Hazelnut Cream?

Flavors could be creamy, sweet, coffee, haze, skunk, vanilla latte, and sugary taste. This gives you the sativa high allowing you to have energy and a cerebral giving freedom to your mind. It can send you doing some things you are lazy to do. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Hazelnut Cream?

 This marijuana will help you to address pain issues that are not easy to endure. Pain relief is one in the list as the common medical benefits from marijuana. It is also good for depression, anxiety, and paranoia if you take it moderately as the opposite can happen if you take more.                                                                            

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Hazelnut Cream

Negative effects are a common partner of marijuana smoke. You can have dry mouth, dry eyes, and dizzy. You can also alternatively have headaches, anxiety, or paranoia. They will soon disappear allowing you a time of comfort and relaxation.

How to Grow Hazelnut Cream? 

This could be your first marijuana to grow and you can do well. Preparation and planning are key. Having the seeds without the proper growing space, equipment, and materials would put you on worries. Prepare and you can harvest good marijuana with high yield.

Brand Information