Strain Information

This marijuana has been produced by PEV Seeds Bank from the Haze genetics producing one of the great sativa varieties. If you are a seasoned user and have tried many varieties and you like sativa, this would be great stoning marijuana to experience. It is produced in a feminized version having resinous buds that carry the fragrance of citrus fruits like mango.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Hazenomics?

Flavors can be citrus, sour, fruity, sweet, or earthy taste. Get ready for the energizing effect of this marijuana. It is euphoric and stimulating and gives some psychedelic effects at some points allowing you to have a sativa high experience. It can have a heavy body effect but give you some time to be physically active.

What are the Medical Benefits of Hazenomics?

 Though it has a heavy effect it also helps with numbing those pains you have. You can have some time to forget your depression but it can give you some anxiety or stress when not a heavy user. 

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Hazenomics

You can experience the negative effects like dry mouth, dizzy, dry eyes, sleepy, headache, anxiety, or paranoia. This specific marijuana is not for beginners as the side effects can be strong.

How to Grow Hazenomics? 

This plant can be grown indoors or outdoors but if you have a sunny temperature you can use its free light for your plant. It will produce an abundant harvest especially when grown in soil and you have given the correct organic substrate. It is not for beginner growers as it requires some skills.

Brand Information