High Flyer


Strain Information

High Flyer is reflected by many, including health officials, as one of the competent medical marijuana to use. It came from a cross between Lemon Thai and Freedom Baby, which both have high THC levels.

Like its strain name, High Flyer provides its users a chance to fly to a higher state of mind. According to the establishment that developed cannabis, their primary purpose was to bring its users to a new perspective and new stages of health and consciousness.

What are the Flavor and Effects of High Flyer?

According to users, the High Flyer has a flavor of spicy and herbal, a cross trait from its parents. The High Flyer gives off uplifting thoughts and euphoria to its users. You will feel the extreme happiness throughout your day with not a single problematic idea on your mind, which makes it wake and bake type of strain.

What are the Medical Benefits of High Flyer?

High Flyer is a functional medicine for depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue due to its high effect on its user’s emotional status. The cerebral high is indescribably manageable, as a sense of control is also recorded. In conclusion, the High Flyer just wanted you to be happy.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from High Flyer

Scheduled intake should be noted because if not, paranoia and insomnia may occur, and those who have a low tolerance to the effects of cannabis are the most vulnerable.

How to Grow High Flyer

High Flyer’s plant is registered as moderate for its growing difficulty. Growers should be picky when it comes to planting this strain since it grows more healthily in organic soil with proper watering and feeding schedule. Outdoor cultivation is also highly suggested.

Brand Information