High Grade


Strain Information

This hybrid strain came from exceptional lineages, which are Dieseltonic, known for its high CBD content, and Lamborghini, categorized as one of the high energy giving strain. The genetic crossing conceived most notable cannabis for its unusual taste and long-lasting effects to its users.

High Grade is considered by many to have a therapeutic high due to its confirmed medical assistance to people with health issues. It is best to use during morning time as it will keep you awake. Thus, marking it as a wake and bake strain. However, it is not for novice users due to their intolerable effects.

What are the Flavor and Effects of High Grade?

The flavor of High Grade is mandarine, similar to orange’s taste, which is why users find it rare. Its outcome will make your mind clear, while a sense of mood improvement and uplifting spirit occurs as well. After all that, a surge of energy will penetrate your body, making you wide awake and receptive to conversation.

What are the Medical Benefits of High Grade?

High Grade is regarded as one of the strains that treat mood swings, depression, and anxiety. Several High Grade users also reported a gain in appetite.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from High Grade

Dry mouth and dizziness are often the most common after-effects, but when consumed above tolerance level, paranoia might happen.

How to Grow High Grade

High grade requires extra attention and growth techniques such as pruning and topping. New growers should note that its flowering period may extend if they won’t be able to meet the watering and feeding schedule. Outdoor and indoor cultivation are both acceptable.

Brand Information