High Road

High Road

  • Type:
  • Flowering Period:
    9 to 11 weeks
  • Climate:
    Warm and slightly humid environment 
  • Yield:
    300 to 350 gm/m2
  • Flavors:
    Citrus, Sweet, Lime, Menthol and Tropical
  • THC Content:
  • Height:
    1.25 meters
  • Growing Difficulty:

Strain Information

The High Road is a mixture of the classics loved by many. Crazy Diamonds SC is the mind behind combining the great Lemon Skunk, which is mostly a Hawaiian Sativa with an Afghan Landrace. The result was astonishing, with buds covered in the thickest resins leaving you with sticky fingers! 

What are the Flavor and Effects of High Road?

As you light this baby, you will feel the warm and smooth citrus taste with some lime, tropical, and sweet hints that makes it a wonderful inhale. The moment you exhale, subtle hints, minty tones will emerge. 

High Road will take you to an incredible and long road trip. The uplifting euphoria will awaken all your senses, helping you seize the day! The high usually gives its users an alert, happy, and active mind with a soothing body effect. 

What are the Medical Benefits of High Road?

There are many medicinal benefits that one can get from using this specific strain. Patients are raving about the tremendous pain-relieving effect that they get from this weed, which helps in combating spine injury, arthritis, lupus, or fibromyalgia. This can also help those individuals with depression, mood swings or bipolar disorder, anxiety, and anyone who lacks motivation. 

Negative Effects you Can Expect from High Road.

This is not the cannabis that beginners can toy with as it can be too overwhelming for them and can cause either paranoid thinking, anxiety, or fidgeting. At the same time, regular patients may just experience a mild headache or dry eyes. 

How to Grow High Road? 

Growing your own High Road should not be a problem as it is easy to maintain. This weed can thrive in any form of cultivation. Many breeders will find this hybrid strain very adaptable to training, for feeding, it would be best to start slowly with the portion that you’ll provide, you may increase later on as she grows. 

Brand Information