High Ryder

High Ryder


Strain Information

This strain is an auto-flowering type of cannabis. A result of the beautiful strains of Amnesia Haze and Ruderalis combined with the balanced Haze and Ruderalis together. One of the starter strain for the Giant Auto Super Big auto-flowering plant generation by Xtreme Seeds.

She is described as an extra-large plant not just with its appearance but also with the production. Aromas and flavors of Haze, metallic, and citrus, as well as some specimens of a more natural taste, with an excellent production of flowers and especially shiny resin, are just examples of how this incredible strain is being depicted.

Medical Benefits of High Ryder

For the medical benefits, This strain is often used by people finding relief from pain, anxiety, and depression. But this is not recommended for anything other than mild aches and pains.

Effects of High Ryder

High Ryder has a level that is more body-centered and has stress-crushing warmth at its core. It soothes the mind and calms the fears with its healing massage, while still relaxing the body. Users may use the bud for recreational purposes or as a source of therapeutic relief.

Growing High Ryder Info & Tips

The optimal sowing cycle will be the months of March, April, and May, to achieve the best results and reap excellent crops in July or August. Also, the plants would be smaller if planted in March or July. We do not encourage the use of large pots because this plant type grows and flourishes depending on its size. Newbie cultivators will love this strain.

Brand Information