Jack Orange

Jack Orange


Strain Information

This GEA Seeds original breed came about by combining the famous award-winning strain Jack Herer with Black Kush 98, where it retains most of its Jack Herer characteristics with a twist in its flavor. This weed has lineage coming from Northern Kush, the Skunk, and Haze. Highly resinous leaves are ideal for extractions. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Jack Orange?

Experience different notes of citrus fruits in one hit, as this weed exudes, orange, grapefruit, and tropical island fruit note that will instantly make your mouth water. It also has some spicy notes at the end of the smoke.

Get creative and energetic with the help of this hybrid strain as it stimulates the brain with a high that lasts the day. At the same time, users will feel a relaxing body buzz that flushes out the physical stress without getting sleepy. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Jack Orange?

This is a great weed to be used by people who are experienced extreme stress or fatigue or those with anxiety. It can also relieve anyone suffering from migraines or headaches. 

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Jack Orange.

Since the potency of the Jack Orange is high, some new users might feel a little dizzy as the high takes its peak, but such downside is temporary. For those who are used to high THC strains, they may get the usual dryness of the mouth, which can easily be taken care of by drinking lots of water. 

How to Grow Jack Orange? Some information and Tips

This weed can get tall, so breeders suggest to manage her growth during her cycle, especially if growing indoors. The overall versatility of this plant makes her ideal in all sorts of cultivation. When growing outdoors, her massive production of resins makes her desirable for mites, so better watch out. 


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