Jack Phoenix

Jack Phoenix


Strain Information

The Jack Phoenix is a result of multiple crossings of the Jack Herer by Love Genetics. You will first notice the long and slender evergreen fan leaves with pale buds, then the massive trichomes dusting her will make her very sticky to touch. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Jack Phoenix?

The taste is very similar to the classic Jack Herer, with its herbal and spicy lemon tones that are perfectly balanced with sweet undertones. The exhale is a woody, almost pine finish that complements its overall taste. 

The effect will be felt heavy on the head with its cerebral euphoria that promotes creativity and provides boosting energy. Expect lots of laughter and become a social butterfly in a party with the help of this marijuana. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Jack Phoenix?

Since the initial effect is uplifting, the use of this cannabis is ideal for individuals who are dealing with depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, bipolar disorder, and ADD/ADHD. This particular hybrid strain can also be beneficial to those living with arthritis, inflammation, fatigue, joint pain, and back pain. 

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Jack Phoenix.

Despite its effect of providing energy, the Jack Phoenix is popularly known to cause laziness when toked too much. The typical dry eyes and mouth are to be expected when smoking, but for beginners, some may feel slight dizziness and anxiety. 

How to Grow Jack Phoenix? Some information and Tips

If you are located in a colder environment, best to grow the Jack Phoenix inside with a controlled environment, it is also highly advisable to manage her stretch by topping and flower this weed right after the plants take root. This weed will do fine with Sea of Green or ScrOG. 

Brand Information