Jamaican Me Crazy(Aka: JMC)

Jamaican Me Crazy(Aka: JMC)


Strain Information

The Jamaican Me Crazy (aka JMC) marijuana strain is a pure sativa variety produced by Cali Connection. It is known for its low THC levels, making it an ideal bud for those who are still new to the cannabis world. The buds of the plant are lime-green in color and are frosty thanks to its generous resin productions. The flowers are also wrapped in striking orange pistils.s

What are the Flavor and Effects of Jamaican Me Crazy (aka JMC)?

This strain offers an interesting flavor profile of sandalwood and passionfruit. With its THC levels of around 12.53%, this weed offers an incredibly inspiring effect. Overall, it offers a sense of peace and contentment, making it an ideal bud to smoke before a yoga class or any chill weekend activity, like gardening. Many describe it as an amazing breath of fresh air mentally. Because of the total absence of CBN, this weed will not result in sleepiness or couchlock.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Jamaican Me Crazy (aka JMC)?

Cannabis patients will love this strain as it helps invigorate patients who are struggling with depression, fatigue, stress, and mild to moderate anxiety. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Jamaican Me Crazy (aka JMC)?

This weed can cause dry and itchy eyes. This side effect is often accompanied by a cottonmouth. However, both of these effects are mild and can easily be kept at bay by keeping yourself hydrated.

How to Grow Jamaican Me Crazy (aka JMC)?

The plant is easy to grow. Not only is it the ideal bud for new cannabis users, but it is also a great plant to start when you are just trying your hands on the cannabis growing community. It flourishes easily in an indoor and outdoor setting. As long as it is provided with a tropical climate, the right amount of sunlight and air, you can be sure to get rewarded with generously high yield after 49 to 70 days.

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