• Type:
  • Flowering Period:
    8 to 9 weeks 
  • Climate:
    warm and sunny Mediterranean climate 
  • Yield:
    14 ounces per square meter (indoor) and 16 ounces per square meter (outdoor)
  • Flavors:
    a skunky sweet citrus palate with accents of lemon, fruity undertones
  • THC Content:
    20% to 27%; CBD: 2%
  • Height:
    3 to 6 feet for both indoor and outdoor
  • Growing Difficulty:

Strain Information

Kamnesia came from the strong genetics of Amnesia. The plant structure is by nature tall, strong, and limber. The buds are medium in size with flowers closely bonded in a curling appearance. The leaves exhibit an elegant dark mossy green palettes with hints of fresh garden greens. The buds are smoldering with snowy to transparent white highly potent and dense milky crystallized trichomes. On the surface is a display of auburn strands of long lean pistils.


As for the medical use of this cannabis, it is superior and highly rated for alleviating the heavyweight of a depression. Also, it will help drive away from the rampant feeling of anxiety, and fatigue. It is also effective in dealing with mental instabilities. Lastly, it will drive away hyperactivity, mood swing, and stress.


As for its leisure pleasures, a ponderous sensation of feeling happiness and satisfaction will trigger after a few hits. Then a sudden boost of a boundless euphoric state will sprout while indulging in your creative senses. Along the line, a drizzle of feeling a good vibe and a very strong cerebral high. 

Growing Kamnesia Info & Tips 

Growing this cannabis will require a meticulous schedule of nutrient and food provision. Also, it will appreciate fresh clean air and natural light to maximize the creation of plant food. Also, this cannabis will surely thrive better with a careful portion of micronutrients that are essential to specific are of the plant growth.  

Brand Information