Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit

  • Type:
  • Flowering Period:
    8 to 9 weeks
  • Climate:
    Mild to sunny climate
  • Yield:
    Medium To High
  • Flavors:
    Passion Fruit (Fruity, Sweet, and Citrus)
  • THC Content:
    15 to 20%
  • Height:
    Medium To Tall
  • Growing Difficulty:

Strain Information

This marijuana variety boasts of its flavor now known to be one of the fruitiest marijuana varieties. This was thanks to the friend of the breeder who paves the way for Dutch Passion for getting hold of this clone version. It came from the parent mother marijuana Sweet Pink Grapefruit combined with Orange Bud.

You will get marijuana that carries the fruity aroma and delicious taste of passion fruit where it gets its name. It is a beautiful plant that grows well and has a higher yield thanks to the contribution of its parent Orange Bud. If you like fruity marijuana for a smoke, this is one match for you that you must try. You will not fail to appreciate this plant as it has a good potency record.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Passion Fruit?

This marijuana can taste like a passion fruit with mixtures of flavors that is fruity, sweet, and citrus taste. Its taste is what many smokers have been after from this marijuana variety, but they soon fall into when they had experienced its effects. This makes you feel comfortable as the high relaxes your body and the mind. You can have the time to have some meditation if you like or have socialization in the comfort of your home.

What are the Medical Benefits of Passion Fruit?

You can have various medical benefits from this marijuana, including relief from various pains. It can have a strong to mild impact but still a good help when you cannot endure. It gives you time to be comfortable so you can move and do some tasks freely. It can also aid in insomnia problems, loss of appetite, and nausea.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Passion Fruit

You will enjoy this fruity marijuana, but you can also experience some negative effects. They will not overpower the effects, so you will get to enjoy your smoke. But sometimes headache can be so evident that it can last longer than the effects. Others had the headache the morning they had the smoke. But overall, it is a pleasant experience with just a dry mouth negative experience.  

How to Grow Passion Fruit? 

Passion Fruit marijuana can be joyfully grown by most types of growers as it does not require much from the grower. It does not make you wait long also, and you can have your harvest. Make sure to prepare as it can have an impact on your marijuana plant. Not having a good lighting system when growing indoors can lower the quality of the harvest. Having a good irrigation system will ensure that the roots will not be overexposed to water. More does not mean more harvests, but it can lessen the smoke quality.

Brand Information