Piensa En Amnesia

  • Type:
    Sativa Dominant
  • Flowering Period:
    65-70 days
  • Climate:
    Mild climate
  • Yield:
    1000-1500gr. outdoor
  • Flavors:
  • THC Content:
    16 to 22%
  • Height:
    Hydro up to 90-100 cm, Soil: 25-80 cm
  • Growing Difficulty:

Strain Information

PEV Seeds Bank released this marijuana variety coming from the Spanish breeders. With the quality monitored and ensured, this marijuana has been tested for good quality. It excels in high production, flavor, and effects making it a popular choice for users. It has gained an award and grows like an indica but it is of sativa type. It comes from the parent Amnesia Haze that will produce many flowers that are very resinous and sweet.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Piensa En Amnesia?

The flavor is sweet. This marijuana should be taken with precaution especially by beginners as the effect is strong. Use it moderately to enjoy its relaxing effect that makes you have the energy to spend and happy mind to explore.

What are the Medical Benefits Piensa En Amnesia?

This marijuana is used for pain relief as it effectively works to ease the pain. It can help with fatigue, migraine, insomnia, nausea, and other medical conditions. Patients found it helped their issues of anxiety, depression, and stress when taken moderately.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Piensa En Amnesia

This marijuana can cause anxiety, paranoia, and even black-out when not used moderately. It is strong and should be handled wisely so you will enjoy its comfort. You may only have the basic negative effects like dry mouth or dry eyes. 

How to Grow Piensa En Amnesia? 

This marijuana requires a high level of light an Ec so you can harvest at an optimal level. Though it can be grown easily, it needs monitoring and appreciates proper feeding and good environment. Too hot or cold may affect the marijuana but it does grow generally well.

Brand Information