Pink Unicorn

  • Type:
    Sativa Dominant
  • Flowering Period:
    10 weeks or 49 to 70 days
  • Climate:
  • Yield:
    1.63 ounces per square feet
  • Flavors:
    pine, earthy, lemon, lime
  • THC Content:
    15 to 23%
  • Height:
    51 inches
  • Growing Difficulty:

Strain Information

Another milestone in the journey of the famous cannabis breeder group of Riot Seeds comes their way as they discover the recipe in preparing a new and desirable variety. It was made up of 75% sativa genes and which was drafted from the genes of the parents Purple Unicorn and the Blood Rose strains. Thus, the name of this weed variety was Pink Unicorn.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Pink Unicorn?

This adorable marijuana strain was a carrier of a blending of flavors such as pine, fruity, earthy, lemon, and lime tastes. Those are just some of the appeals that this weed has to offer, aside from the sedation that it brings which starts in the head. Its clear-headed effect works well for the beginners, too, without the fear of being overwhelmed at any point in the toke.

What are the Medical Benefits of Pink Unicorn?

Another usefulness of this bud is based on its powers to deliver some medicinal effects and heal some of the most common illnesses that are experienced by some patients nowadays. They have proven that Pink Unicorn strain is effective for stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression, muscle pain, menstrual cramps, and migraine, among others.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Pink Unicorn

Such an intensity in terms of such effects that most cannabis users always look for is already a sign of its potentials to be an adversity later on. It may bring anxiety, slight nausea, and also paranoia.

How to Grow Pink Unicorn? 

The perfect growth of Pink Unicorn strain may be achieved by both experts and newbie growers. It is easy to plant but the challenge will rely on the grower’s skill in training crops when it already develops large side branches.

Brand Information