Red Widow-13

Red Widow-13

  • Type:
  • Flowering Period:
    8 to 10 weeks
  • Climate:
    Warm and slightly humid environment
  • Yield:
    Medium to High
  • Flavors:
    Nutty, Sweet, Coffee, Woody, and Chemical
  • THC Content:
  • Height:
  • Growing Difficulty:

Strain Information

The beautiful big olive green buds of the Red Widow-13 shows red and purple tones with a heavy layer of crystal trichomes all around it. The leaves are also as equally impressive, especially with her high resin production that will give you the sticky fingers in no time! Dman Seeds is the one responsible for creating this fantastic hybrid strain, using a reverse STS to pollinate the Red Haze. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Red Widow-13?

The incredible fusion of chemicals and coffee with woody notes is as complicated as it sounds, but once you tried smoking her, it’ll be hard to resist. This also has a sweet yet nutty aftertaste that dawdles in the tastebuds for a while. 

Prepare to socialize with everyone while wearing a smile and some giggle on the side when smoking this cannabis. The blissful euphoria will give its users a great amount of energy without feeling confused. This also helps in releasing the inner artist in you. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Red Widow-13?

This particular hybrid strain is well known for the treatment of chronic pain, inflammation, cramps, chronic stress, and fatigue. Additionally, it can also be beneficial to individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, and ADD/ADHD.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Red Widow-13.

Right before the high takes place, one may experience getting a mild headache or dizziness; for those who consume this cannabis by smoking, expect some dry mouth and red eyes. This marijuana is also known to cause drowsiness and paranoia when consumed in a higher dosage.

How to Grow Red Widow-13? 

Red Widow-13 can survive in harsh conditions and can adapt to all forms of training and techniques. Her built, and structure does not require any stake or string support. Additionally, breeders can cultivate this hybrid indoors, outdoors, or even in a greenhouse. 

Brand Information