Ridge Berry

Ridge Berry

Strain ratings
Strain Overview
Seed Type
THC Content
Dank, herbal, peppery, berry
Flowering Period
8 – 9 weeks
454 grams per square meter
Growing Difficulty
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Strain Information

Ridge Berry is a sativa-leaning hybrid that is created by Marley Natural.

It is a strain that saturates its users with vitality immediately, yet reverts into ready sedation afterward. The percentage of Indica properties comprises of Sour Dubble, and Chem’s Sister, and gives a warm sensation. This strain is perfect for tormenting the executives. Its buds have the smell of berry, pine, and a dash of fuel.

What are the flavors and effects of Ridge Berry?

 The flavors of Ridge Berry are dank, herbal, peppery, and berry. Regardless of whether it is Sativa-prevailing, keep in mind the strength of its Indica side. From the crest, it destroys one down to the trough. From being lively, it overpowers the body, placing one into a condition of absolute ecstasy. It calms the muscles and discharges the pressures.

 What are the Medical Benefits of Ridge Berry?

 Feeling extremely happy and overflowing with energy, if Ridge Berry can ruin something, it would be stress. Once disposed of, even individuals with melancholy should think that they are now able to deal with it. It might likewise be valuable for other emotional wellness issues, including ADHD, ADD, and PTSD.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Ridge Berry

Whenever a cannabis strain is strong, and particularly a Sativa-prevailing one, at that point, quite possibly a few people may feel dizzy. Simultaneously, because it is cannabis, at that point, one can likewise hope to experience having dry mouth and eyes.

How to Grow Ridge Berry?

Apparently, the first reproducer has decided not to reveal this data. The only fact we have in the meantime is the shape of this strain’s bud that is similar to a spade and has crystalline trichomes and orange hair.