Royal Haze

Royal Haze

Strain ratings
Strain Overview
Seed Type
THC Content
16% to 20% 
Tropical, lemon, citrus, wood, cedar, pine
Flowering Period
10 – 11 weeks
510 grams per square meter
Growing Difficulty
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Strain Information

Royal Haze is a generally sativa strain reproduced from Skunk, Haze, and Northern Lights hereditary qualities. Taking after her Haze parent, this sativa acquires a hot citrus season and humming, vivacious impacts that keep you alert and gainful for the day. Open-air cultivators will value her adaptability and strength in any event, when the temperature drops, even though her 10-multi week blossoming cycle requests a touch of tolera

What are the flavors and effects of Royal Haze?

 The flavors of Royal Haze are tropical, lemon, citrus, wood, cedar, and pine. For casual users, change one’s troubling standpoint throughout everyday life. Days appear to be more splendid, and work appears to be simpler. This isn’t astounding as the cheery air cleans away cobwebs in mind. With the brain in full drive, significant thoughts and innovative arrangements stream unreservedly from pen to paper.

 What are the Medical Benefits of Royal Haze?

 For one, it has an incentive as both a pressure reliever and a stimulant. Its inspiring high decidedly changes one’s negative impression of life. With a balanced-out state of mind, users with certain psychological instabilities like wretchedness, uneasiness, and PTSD, can adequately assume responsibility for their stressors even incidentally.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Royal Haze

Royal Haze accompanies its very a lot of adverse reactions. For one, its cannabinoids cause dehydration. Also, when the intense hallucinogenic high pummels the body, a gentle headache immerses the brain. Even though the previous is unavoidable, the last is subject to singular resilience and utilization.

How to Grow Royal Haze?

A versatile plant, Royal Haze becomes energetically paying little heed to its condition and adjusts well to various developing strategies, including the Sea of Green and Screen of Green techniques Early garnish is an absolute necessity, however. Other than dealing with its transcending statures, doing so will keep empowering huge yields.