• Type:
  • Flowering Period:
    10 to 11 weeks
  • Climate:
    uplifted mood, euphoria, energized, motivated
  • Yield:
    400 grams per plant
  • Flavors:
  • THC Content:
    18% to 20%
  • Height:
  • Growing Difficulty:

Strain Information

Meta Description: The Tijuana is one of the cannabis community’s favorites that delivers mind and body high keeping you energized and ready to jump start your day. Grab your pack of Tijuana seeds at Blimburn Seeds and you will know why people get hooked to it. 

Tijuana is every grower and smoker’s favorite sustaining both your needs and wants. It is an undeniable treasure of the cannabis community considering that this is one of the rarest strains in the cannabis market. Being able to treat a vast number of physical and mental conditions, you can never go wrong with smoking Tijuana marijuana strain.

What you will love the most about it is its uplifting essence. The happiness brings to keep you going throughout the day is unjustifiable. It does not just satisfy your recreational needs but your medicinal needs too. Consuming moderate amounts of Tijuana strain comes with mild psychoactive effects but the good thing about it is how it enhances your social behavior. 


Why should you support the utilization of Tijuana? In comparison to other marijuana strains in the market, the Tijuana strain is not that intense when it comes to psychoactive effects regardless of its mild to moderate cannabinoid content. This strain is carefully bred, germinated and cultivated by Blimburn Seeds to provide premium quality seeds that will give you a good time in cultivating and smoking marijuana. 

This marijuana strain is jam-packed with rich cannabinoid content providing mental and physical relief to acquired conditions. With its natural herbal scent, it has the capability to put your nerves in the state of calm. It may seem ironic but as a sativa dominant, expect effects like the feeling of genuine happiness and elevated mood. Start and end your day with a bang by smoking Tijuana!

Origin of Tijuana

Originally bred by Blimburn Seeds, the Tijuana strain is not your usual smoke of marijuana. It is one of the rarest strains that is only sold and dispensed by its breeders. The name was rooted from a famous line by Manu Chaoa multilingual French musician whose expertise lies in world beat, reggae, Latin alternative, and ska genres. He disclosed “Welcome to Tijuana, Tequila, Sex and Marijuana!” in one of his famous songs. 

The objective of its breeders is to come up with a marijuana strain which will warm the hearts of marijuana smokers and growers. Scrutinizing the properties of Tijuana strain, you can tell that they were able to achieve this objective. This definitely would be your best purchase at Blimburn Seeds since it is not just easy to grow but easy to smoke too. A marijuana strain that will give you a worthwhile smoking session. 

Effects of Tijuana

Considering that the Tijuana strain is not suggested for inexperienced smokers especially to those with low tolerance with marijuana because of the psychoactive effects accustomed to it. It carries a tetrahydrocannabinol content of 18% up to 20% that is why it would be best if you would control your dispense. 

The primary effects of Tijuana are more on the mind rather than the body. It delivers energizing effects which are a big help if you have errands and tasks to work on throughout this day. It keeps you motivated and focused that will last for hours. 

As a sativa-dominant strain, Tijuana tends to produce cerebral euphoria effects which results in feeling stimulated and motivated. A popular strain which boosts your means of concentration and inner creativity that is why it is suggested for patients with attention disorders. After smoking Tijuana, it would be best to brainstorm or to conceptualize because this is the time that your senses are hyped. The Tijuana strain became their morning herbal medicine that will help in alleviating your feeling of restlessness. 

Medical Uses of Tijuana

In terms of utilization, the Tijuana strain is undeniably flexible. It works well for recreational and medicinal purposes. Taking into consideration its richness in cannabinoid content, no wonder why marijuana connoisseurs use Tijuana in dealing with both mental and physical conditions. 

Even before the lowering of legal restrictions of the utilization of medicinal marijuana, it has been in demand especially in treating conditions which are beyond the capability of laboratory formulated medications and treatments. Marijuana’s magic is more than just keeping your mind and body high. It provides you ease and comfort delivering mental and physical relaxation. 

Tijuana is one of the strains recommended in treating mental conditions related to stress such as depression, mood disorder, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. To alleviate cases and attacks of mental conditions, they believe that the ability of Tijuana to keep you motivated and mood elevated is the fundamental reason why it is a suggested strain being able to free you from all the worries and stress limiting you from activities. 

Considering the Ability of Tijuana to calm down one’s nerves and boost their concentration, it works well with patients with Attention Deficit Disorder. The use of Tijuana is a big help in dealing with their inability to control their impulses. As it calms down their nerves, it accompanies them is focusing at task one at a time with all their attention drawn to it. It does not just enhance your well-being, it also gives you a clear state of mind being free from noise, stress, and worries. 

In addition to this, it has pain and fatigue-relieving factors too. It treats mild to moderate cases of pain such as muscle spasms, headaches, migraines and muscle, and joint pain. The use of Tijuana alleviates the feeling of restlessness like you have grabbed a full eight-hour sleep. 

Taste and Aroma of Tijuana

The aroma of Tijuana is associated with its taste. It is similar to the smell of herbs empowering the taste of your meals. The scent is very strong yet distinct making it a bit difficult to smoke especially to those who will be smoking marijuana for the first time. It comes in a variety of pungent, musky and earthy scent. Meanwhile, the taste of Tijuana is very natural. Just imagine yourself sipping a cup of your morning tea. The flavor is a bit blunt but the effects are powerful to both your mind and body.

Growing Tijuana

The Tijuana strain works well in being cultivated in an indoor and outdoor setting. You just have to make sure that the are you provide is spacious making it well-ventilated. Being deprived of both space and air circulation alleviates its chances to produce a more bountiful yield. It is not a suggested strain for novice growers considering its growing requirements. 

It is most preferably grown in an outdoor setting considering its environmental factors. Grown outdoors, it can yield as much as 14 ounces per plant and can grow from 2 up to 3 meters in height. It produces long and dense buds covered in fine crystal trichomes. Its best harvesting period is during the end of October up to early November. When grown indoors, it can produce 14 ounces of good bud per square meter and can be harvest within the next 11 up to 12 weeks. 



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