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Strain Information

It is a pure Indica strain that produces dense buds caked in trichomes. CannaVenture Seeds chose to pair up Chem Dawg #4 with Ortega to come up with this breed. It is an ideal smoke for evening and night time use. It is advisable to take this at night for medical purposes. 

 There are many reasons why growers love this strain. It stays in short stature and it’s easy peasy to cultivate it. Its yield won’t be disappointing. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of 425?

 Smoking this strain will let you detect its chemical taste. It is one of those potent strains that will mesmerize you. It carries out incredible body high that can sedate its users in an utmost state. Sleep can easily be achieved with this weed.

 What are the Medical Benefits of 425?

 It’s effective in defeating insomnia based on its sedative effect. People who are struggling to have a good night’s sleep will no longer worry. It is also used for eliminating nauseous feeling. It can soothe muscle pain and even chronic aches and pains.

 Negative Effects You Can Expect from 425

 The common side effects of smoking weed are red, irritated eyes and cottonmouth. They are just minor cases that can be easily washed away by water. Smokers should hydrate themselves to have moisture in their bodies.

 How to grow 425?

 It’s easy to look after this strain so growers at any level can handle its growth. It doesn’t stretch that much and this plant grows short to medium. It means it won’t take much space especially if you plant it indoors. You can also have the cultivation done outdoors but you have to watch out for pests, mold, and diseases.