4D (Aka: 4th Dimension)

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Strain Information

This hybrid strain rose from the pairing of breeds from the West Coast. They are ChemD and Chem #4 Clone. ChemD is a resinous strain that does well as medical marijuana while Chem #4 Clone is a very potent strain that has parented many breeds. It was developed by SoCal Seed Collective with strong Indica potency. It can be smoked in the evening and at night to get the most out of its effects. 

 What are the Flavor and Effects of 4D?

 It carries a pungent aroma and the flavor is a blend of diesel and pine. A strong body high dominates the system of the user. It’s a strain that you can rely on when you’re tired and you need to feel invigorated. It has a superb relaxing sensation that can wash away all the stress and tension. The sedative property of this strain will help you to attain the relaxation that you need.

 What are the Medical Benefits of 4D?

 Since this strain offers relaxation and sedative effects, it can help people fight anxiety, stress, and depression. It can calm even the inside parts of the body so it can alleviate nausea. It also soothes pain and aches.

 Negative Effects You Can Expect from 4D

 All strains have common side effects which are dry, red eyes and cottonmouth. Your escape from them is drinking a lot of water or fluids.

 How to grow 4D?

 This plant flourishes within outdoor and indoor cultivation. It has a pungent aroma so growers will need to have an odor filter system. It’s a necessity if they want to be discreet about their plantation. The entire plant should be given the right amount of air, light, and nutrients. It should be under the right temperature and humidity too.