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450gr/sq m
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Strain Information

Gage Green Group created this cannabis strain called Agharta, a  result for, crossing the two hybrids called Colorado Bubba, a 100% indica hybrid and Grateful Breath cannabis plant, a rare indica dominant hybrid cannabis.

Agharta is a result of two magnificent strains, so it is expected to have a higher density and higher numbers for yields and including its potency. Agharta has a flavor and taste of sweetness with a twist from herbal and raspberry taste combined with a spicy diesel that lingers long after your last use. This is good for relaxing and chilling with a friend during an evening to hang out with close friends. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Agharta?

Energizing smell and taste of woody pines, raspberries, and mixed spiciness of fuel, are a powerful flavor to start a day. Agharta provides a calming effect with tranquilizing sensation.

What are the medical benefits of Agharta?

A relaxing effect which is perfect for patients suffering from stress and depression, over fatigue and insomnia are the medicinal benefit if Agharta.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Agharta

Using Agharta can have an experience of mouth-drying and irritate dehydrating of the eyes. Other adversative effects are light headache, anxiety, and in some cases, paranoia is also observed.

How to Grow Agharta?

Agharta can be grown in both environments, which is good news. But in order to control the height for indoor set-up, it must be trimmed once or twice of its lifetime to ensure a healthier growth and give access for growing buds. In this way, the more flourished it is, the higher the yield.