Strain ratings
Strain Profile
20% to 21%
12 – 14 oz. / m2 indoor and 14oz. / plant for outdoor
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Strain Information

Alchemy is a half hybrid from the cross between Chemdog and Querkle. It was created by Subcool’s The Dank. It is described to have purple leaves with a lavender streak of buds. Alchemy is also a good boost to mood and appetite.

This strain has an effect on the relaxation of the body that engages in cerebral invigoration. The levels of THC of alchemy can send you off to a heavenly state of bliss.  It has a scent of earthy musk with the sourness of grapes. For the morning, this can replace your morning coffee routine to achieve an energizing and calming effect to go about your hectic day.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Alchemy?

Alchemy has sweetness and sour flavor of citrus. a taste of honey combined with the kick of spiciness earthy at the end of the tongue. This strain has been known for its effects that will contribute to a nicer mood. You will feel happy that will contribute to creativity while on the focused mind. In some cases, you will feel relaxed, and if you like socializing, this is a good stain for it can contribute to being talkative.

What are the medical benefits of Alchemy?

Alchemy can relieve severe pain, such as muscle spasm and headaches. It can also help in easing severe depression, over fatigue, and stress. It can be od f help tp people had been too a hectic and stressful day.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Alchemy?

Alchemy’s too much dose can cause drying of the mouth and drying of the eyes. Dizziness can also be expected as an adverse effect of Alchemy.

How to Grow Alchemy?

Alchemy has two types of phenotypes; the first one is taller, with more scent or diesel aroma. In nurturing this type of Alchemy, take note of the stalk and branches that will be bending by the time it starts to mature, so suggested for this is to put support. Now the second one is the shorter that smells more like of grape and musky earth type whiff. The shorter might will need a once in a while, cutting to let it breathe.

Despite the differences in their height, the two phenotypes can be manageable to growing outdoors much but more on indoor set-up. To sum it all, the pruning and trimming technique will work on both types to let the plant breathe and encourage the airflow and the light circulation too. It is reassuring that when the other branches of the plants are cut, it gives away nutrients needed to other branches. See to it that nutrients are proper given small portion by portion and not in just one handful and then done.