Alien Diamond

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Strain Information

This strain is a powerful indica with a palate and an in height that living equal to its well-appointed term. Though general through the West Coast, this weed’s careful hereditary makeup is unidentified. Some bases label it as a mixture amid OG Kush and an unidentified additional parental.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Alien Diamond?

A sensation of weight cascades on the brow and eyelids; approximately might even impression faint or dizzy. Reduction feasts rapidly, and smokers might head for sanctuary on the nearby contented sofa. Crushing up these tacky nugs issues a piquant, hash trail, probably the effect of Afghani landrace heredities in the weed’s contextual. Though it might be punitive and cough-persuading to gasp, a stimulating palate of citrus comes over on the respire.

What are the Medical Benefits of Alien Diamond?

This weed might likewise have anti-inflammatory qualities, making it valuable for dismissing ordinary irritations such as pains or biliousness. This sprout’s disposition-enhancing qualities can even momentarily recover the indications of pressure, unhappiness, and nervousness.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Alien Diamond

You will typically experience dry mouth and eyes. Some even deal with minor headaches and thirst. It is best to have water on hand.

How to Grow Alien Diamond? 

These typically indica flowers incline to produce petite and profuse and can be effortlessly housed at home. This weed flowers in nine to ten weeks and bids a regular harvest of flowers. Lastly, as abundant as this weed is a strong smoke, it is recognized to be actual strong produce; folks who would love to retain their rising processes underneath wraps must capitalize on scent regulatory actions such as exhaust fans.