Alley Cat Kush

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Strain Information

The Bank of Cannabis produces a hybrid strain called Alley Cat Kush, but this was a product of an OG Kush and an unknown breed. This strain looks like a light-green color; it has orang pistils and cloudy amber colors.

Alley Cat Kush is described to have an earthy smell and musty scent of a tennis ball, spicy scents of sandalwood with tart aromas. Sometimes a wet soils notes and smell of rubber.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Alley Cat Kush?

The flavors of Alley Cat Kush are spicy woody and skunky. It has an earthy taste on the palate with a kick of citrus at the end. The strain has a euphoric effect that gives out energy to sustain the day. This strain produces a lifted spirit to a creative mind when the high kick in.

What are the medical benefits of Alley Cat Kush?

This strain comes with a relaxing effect which is perfect for patients suffering from pain. The strain’s relaxing high is good for combating anxiety, mental anguish, eating, and sleeping disorders. You can also count on this strain for its strong analgesic effects, good for treating chronic pain and pinch-like headaches.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Alley Cat Kush

Alley Cat Kush shows adverse reaction such as excessive drying of the mouth and eyes. You will experience dizziness, shows anxiety, and may feel paranoid, at times.

How to Grow Alley Cat Kush?

Alley Cat Kush yields more in California type of weather, where humidity is low, and the temperature is not that hot. Most Og- Heavy strains should be kept in warmth under 80 degrees. This strain has a lower chance of outdoor if the weather hits 8o degrees up. To make sure the Allen Cat Kush will yield, beams and string should support its bud. There should be checking of bud on the strain from time to time because this strain is prone to powdery mildew.