Alpine Blue

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15% to 17%
3 to 6 ounces/ ft2
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Strain Information

Alpine Blue hybrid cannabis strain is a result of Blue Mystic and Power Plant. This is preferred for its medicinal as well as its recreational use. This strain can pass on uplifting euphoric effects alongside a complex aroma of blueberry and woody pine.

Patients typically look for this specific strain for daytime relief of anxiety, some mood disorders, for those who are suffering from gastrointestinal pain and enduring inflammation.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Alpine Blue?

Alpine Blue has berry sweetness, woody pine taste and sweetness of blueberry flavors that will linger in your mouth and nose long after you took the last exhale. It offers a high making you very relaxed after a busy day, happy and feels uplifted. In some cases, the user may appear to feel sleepy and hungry.

What are the Medical Benefits of Alpine Blue?

Alpine Blue is best used for the management of pain, including depression, stress, and insomnia. This strain can help the stomach to reverse the lack of appetite state. This strain is known to be easy on the lungs and send a lasting high.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Alpine Blue?

Thanks to its THC level, the only adverse effect of this strain, is the dryness of the eyes.

How to Grow Alpine Blue?

Alpine Blue is best grown indoors where you can confidently enhance its health and yield. This strain is slightly easy to grow. However, you may need some experience so you can care for this strain and help it reach its full potential. Its flowering time is 7 to 9 weeks. It can yield in an above-average number as long as it is given the proper care and nutrients. This strain should be maintained with cropping and topping even if it is indoor or outdoor.